At BestMe, we aim to be the online hub for tools that can empower you to become your best self.  We’ll bring you the best products out there, combined with teachings from wellness experts, to help you supercharge your journey to greatness.

As of now, we are focusing on happiness. Why happiness? Because happiness is the core of wellness. In the future, we will be expanding our focus to other areas of wellness as well.

If you join the Best Me community, it means you have decided to take on the challenges that come with improving your life. You may have one area you’d like to improve or multiple, but you are committed to taking action – to train, improve and advance.

Although we’re just starting out our journey too, we’ll be with you every step of the way.


Chris Headshot.jpg

Chris Bradicich

Co-Founder and CEO

A passionate leader with a background in helping companies grow, determined to flip the tables and make it easier for people to improve their lives, one spicy meal and thought-provoking conversation at a time

Leeza McKeown

Co-Founder and COO

A nature-loving adventurer who utilizes her strategy consulting and management experience for the mission of bringing fun and badassery into the world through health, wellness, and general thriving

Alex Portera

Co-Founder and CMO

A fearless world traveler, writer, and digital strategist who brings passion and voice to captivate the minds and hearts of people, inspiring them to take action in their lives. Favorite things include meditation and foxes

Jeff Doehler

Marketing Director

A laid back digital nomad, data-driven marketer, and analytics powerhouse who seeks to create a better online experience for our readers. Dislikes cubicles and long commutes

Dree Kavoussi

Health Director

A neuroscience guru and outdoors junky who translates science into plain English so people can take action over their lives and start living to their full potential. Considers her spirit animal to be a raccoon

Ivy Headshot.jpg

Ivy Perez

Product Director

A tech-savvy political junkie with experience in data wrangling and analysis, writing, editing, and graphic design. Current dilettante, aspiring polymath

Matt Bogen

Engineering Lead

A tech geek, weightlifter and chef with a Psychology degree. Wants to build things that enrich the world and make life better for everyone