Caity Flanagan

I am a modern day medicine woman, shamanic healer, somatic life coach, holistic herbalist, a writer & poet, and doula for birth from the body and soul.


  • Purpose-Driven Work
  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Healing

Services Offered

  • Private coaching    
  • Online coaching  
  • Short courses    
  • Ongoing training

About Me

As a modern-day medicine woman and somatic life coach, Caity Flanagan weaves together ancient technologies and the contemporary science of somatic coaching, earth-based medicine, shamanic healing practices, and tantric meditation to create an experience of deep transformation for her clients. Caity works between worlds bringing her unique style of coaching, meditation, and healing practices off the land and to mission-driven companies & entrepreneurs, educational institutions, wellness centered brands, and to her one-on-one clients. Her work includes working with and writing for brands such as, Women @ Forbes, Well & Good, and Faith Popcorn's Brain Reserve.


All of my clients have walked away with their life's purpose and a deep knowing of how to live into their purpose daily. They have gone on to create new businesses, grow & develop their relationships, choose to alter their career paths, to take on deeper healing. Overall though what I hear from my clients time and time again is that they've generated a sense of permission to be who they are fully, an unbreakable sense of their purpose in the world, a deep connection to their bodies and hearts and in turn a more fulfilling life. (NEEDS edit)

How Do I Work

I'd say I am a somatic and heart expert. I am well informed and teach about/coach to the body and nervous system and how this influences people's thinking, choices, and actions. I am also an expert in guiding people to their heart and life's purpose (my joke, that's actually very true, is that I can help you find your life's purpose in 15 mins). I have a gift for guiding and teaching meditation both integrated into coaching, as well as, separately from coaching. And I am very well-educated and have been teaching and studying herbal medicine and healing for 4+ years.   (NEEDS edit)


  • 300 hours Ontological Coach & Leadership Training with Accomplishment Coaching (Feb. 2015-Jan.2016)
  • 200 hours Radiance Sutras Meditation Teacher Training with Lorin Roche & Camille Maurine (March 2016 - current)
  • 175+ hours in Yogic Philosophy, Life & Leadership Coach Training with Coby Kozowlski (QLC Program in Feb. 2014, Karma Yoga Leadership Program Feb. 2016, QLC Reunion March 2017)
  • 500+ hours of training in Holistic Herbal Medicine and Shamanic Healing with Lupo Passero at Twin Star Herbalism School (Level 2 Herbalist Certification Dec. 2014, Level 3 Herbalist Certification Dec. 2015, Medicine Woman Apprenticeship March 2016)
  • B.A. in Health Arts & Sciences with a major in Holisitic Herbalism from Goddard College August 2015