Chris Bradicich

What does it mean to be the boss of your own life? A private equity and management consulting professional who has transitioned to life as a full-time entrepreneur, Chris loves challenging clients to define success and act boldly to create the life of their dreams. An expert in business strategy, he specializes in advising on entrepreneurial and startup matters. For Chris, the journey to rebalance his work life to make space for family, health and social impact is the ultimate pursuit, inspiring clients along the way!

Dennis Sarkozy

Is it possible to live each moment to the fullest? A master product manager brimming with a passion for personal development, Dennis knows just how to bring out the best in every one of his clients. With a wealth of knowledge and experience across wellbeing, productivity and mindfulness science disciplines, there is no greater advantage than having Dennis in your court. On a mission to connect people to their greatest potential, Dennis is ever-searching for the next adventure or challenge to overcome with his clients.

Anja Kristiansen

Could you double your energy and life expectancy in a day? Without Anja’s help, probably not. Anja healed herself from some of the most dire physical conditions leveraging the science of functional medicine and is on a mission to bring this breath of life to people around the globe. A marketer, former model, professional health coach and world traveler, Anja knows how to YOLO with the best of them. Having transformed hundreds of clients’ wellbeing through practical but often overlooked science, she seeks to propel clients to levels they didn’t know possible.

Mike Cousino

Can you design your life to maximize your happiness? A serial entrepreneur, father and triathelete, Mike has lived the BestMe ethos throughout his life, pursuing great challenges and choosing to create a life that is his and no one else’s. When it comes to strategic decisions on how to start a business, direct your career or achieve masterful physical feats, look no farther than Mike. Having broken free from the shackles of corporate America into a life of entrepreneurship, Mike knows what it takes to play in the major leagues and come out on top.