BestMe Coaches

Across the key pillars of your life - food, fitness, productivity, happiness, relationships and more - BestMe partners with incredible coaches who are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and improve their lives.

With wide-ranging expertise, deep training and extensive experience, BestMe coaches are here to help guide you on your journey, and to help you have more fun and success while doing it.

Angela Hubbs 3.jpg

Angela Hubbs

A inspirational Personal Power expert, Angela is a professional fitness trainer, pilates instructor, yoga teacher, Thai massage practitioner and Iron Man Triathelte - yes, wow indeed.

Her mantra? Challenge your body. Empower your life!

Carson Gross Image.jpg

Carson Gross

Fun-loving nutrition buff, Carson loves to strike the perfect balance between a life well lived and a life long lived. Having transitioned into nutrition from a corporate job, he is ever-relatable.

His secret recipe: The best foods are the ones that make you feel great.

Aylon Pesso 2.jpg

Aylon Pesso

A passionate ACE Certified Fitness Trainer from New York, Aylon helps clients build up a solid fitness foundation through natural body movement exercises.

His emphasis? Having fun so you can feel great while you achieve your goals.


The Nowhere Men

Three adventurous travelers, The Nowhere Men teach people how to create authentic travel experiences, whether their out of the country or in their own backyard. 

Their perspective: Live every day with courage, curiosity, and compassion.

Lauren Coles 6.JPG

Lauren Coles

A heartfelt visionary, Lauren is bringing yoga and meditation into a new arena - the office - to help people manage stress, improve productivity and feel better while at work.

Her secret sauce? Yoga as a tool to improve the mind and the body.


Steve Dean

Matchmaker extraordinaire, Steve is a master of connection. The Founder of Dateworking and a consultant to people and industry giants such as OKCupid, he is full of valuable dating insights.

The arrow: Connection comes from fun and authenticity.