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Working with BestMe means receiving a customized plan and personal coaching to help you achieve your most important life goals. It also means being held accountable to achieving them.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with BestMe:

1. 30-Min Jump Start Session (optional)

Connect with our Master Coach in a 30-minute kickoff call to dig into your goals, take BestMe's 12 Pillar Assessment, and match with perfect BestMe Coach and program for you. Included in all memberships.

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2. 50-Min Coaching Sessions

BestMe offers monthly, biweekly and weekly coaching memberships, as well as a la carte options. Our vetted and trained coaches will dive right into your goals and needs so that you can make breakthroughs.

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3. Support via Text, E-mail and App

We know that real changes happens in the real world, so our coaches will program reminders and assessments into our software platform, while also supporting you to stay focused and overcome challenges.

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4. Achieve, Reflect & Revise

Through your coaching, you will grow and evolve as a person and as a professional. We will help you visualize and reflect on your progress, set new goals and always be pursuing a greater quality of life.

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