A team of business professionals committed to catalyzing the coaching industry.


Chris Bradicich

Founder / Thriver in Chief

A passionate leader with a growth and empowerment mindset, Chris is determined to building institutions that serve the wellbeing and autonomy of the people. His superpower is helping you seeing understand your authentic self, whether in personal, business or general questions on where your life is heading. Sometimes its less about changing ourselves and more about adjusting our surroundings.

After spending years on Wall Street as a private equity professional, Chris found himself unhappy and frustrated. His net worth was high, but his self worth was low, lacking health, passion and impact. He reset and focused in on catalyzing the wellness space and founded BestMe in 2017 with the mission of giving back to the community and empowering personal growth.

Mike Cousino

Core Team / Operations and Technology

A seasoned entrepreneur and triathelete, Mike has developed a mastery of scalable systems and processes across his 30-year career in the startup world. An avid outdoorsman and lifestyle designer, he lives the BestMe Ethos.

Jerry Anathan.jpg

Jerry Anathan

Core Team / Coach Team Leader

A certified life coach, yoga instructor and the founder of Inner Guru Coaching. She has Coaching Certifications from both NYU and Wainwright International. 


Dennis Sarkozy

Core Team / People and Product

An educator with endless knowledge and curiosity about living life to the fullest, Dennis leads the Curriculum, Coaching, Content and Community operations at BestMe. He is a Jedi Master who never eats alone.


Talia Marshall

Art and Creative Direction

A gifted advertising professional and master of all things creative, Talia lights up people's hearts with the warmth, humor and power of her work. Named a Rising Star and founder of Advertising Doing Something, she leads with vision and bravery.

Alex Portera

Copywriting and Videography

A fearless world traveler, writer, and digital strategist and a leader of the Nowhere Men video storytelling platform, Alex brings passion and voice to captivate the minds and hearts of people, inspiring them to take action in their lives. Favorite things include meditation and foxes.